About Petite Press Studio

Petite Press Studio is an illustrative watercolour art & stationery brand inspired by wildlife, fantasy and magic. All artwork featured is created by artist Chloe in her home studio located in Ontario, Canada. Our art cards and paper goods were created from a desire to combine and celebrate beautiful stationery with a focus on visual art and the written word.


More About the Brand 

Follow those stars . . .

Petite Press Studio was born out of a love for beautiful stationery, paper products, visual art and the written word. Invite yourself to look closely and let your imagination wander. It's there you will find wildlife, fantasy and magic - the subjects I am primarily drawn to in my artwork. All beautifully rendered in watercolours and coloured inks then captured on paper. 

Art made for gifting . . . 

I believe in art that inspires gifting and sharing with others. Tiny works of art have the power to bring happiness to your day and to others. What better way to do that than with a beautiful art card? I have many people tell me they don't want to give my cards away because they love the paintings too much. And that's okay! I want to make images that are special and memorable, whether that means you keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one. 

Small batch, small press . . . 

To maintain the quality, creative control and unique one-of-a-kind aspects of my products I focus on small-batch, curated production methods. All artwork is created in house at my studio in Ontario, Canada. All of the art cards are hand-folded and printed locally using paper from FC certified sustainable forests. 


About the Artist

My name is Chloe and I am both the owner and artist behind Petite Press Studio, established in 2017 in Ontario, Canada.

Petite Press Studio was created from a desire to combine what I love: beautiful stationery, paper products, visual art and the written word. Watercolours and coloured inks have always been my preferred mediums of choice - I absolutely love the soft ethereal nature they offer and the countless way to blend their colours.  

Wildlife, fantasy and magic are the major inspirations for my art. I have been painting for over fifteen years and a lot of the images I create are further fueled by stories I read, picture books I treasure, music I listen to, colour combinations I find the most pleasing or stories I write and think up myself. I love designing characters and appreciate concept and portrait art. l am endlessly interested in folktales, mythology and the obscure. And I love looking at things through the eyes of something with just a touch of the fantastical, the celestial and the ethereal. What better fun than to create forms that feel like they've stepped out of a fantasy story? I will always strive to explore and convey many visual narratives and stories through my art. 



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