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What mediums to do you work in?

I have tried numerous mediums over the years but I have really come to enjoy painting in watercolours and watercolour pencils. For my illustrations I like to draw in pen and ink. I enjoy the beautiful washes that watercolours offer and am very drawn to soft, magical and imaginative interpretations in my paintings whereas with my illustrations I prefer delicate lines and detail work.


What inspired you to pursue your craft?

I have always loved to paint and draw, and I have always loved the idea of a written note or letter. When I was younger I always enjoyed making my own handmade cards for people as gifts, so when I began to develop my business it was quite a natural choice to want to share my art with others on greeting cards


What gives you the greatest amount of inspiration?

Besides admiring beautiful stationery and collecting cards and paper products to give as gifts, I am very inspired by reading stories, specifically ones from children’s literature, fantasy, mythology and folklore. I enjoy writing in my spare time as well and find creating characters really helps in the creative process of making art. And I absolutely love animals and nature, particularly the beautiful and unique wildlife that is unique to Canada and creatures from myths & legends.


What is your background?

I am completely self-taught. Everything art-related has been learned through years of practicing and experimenting with different mediums, techniques and tools. It is only now that I have settled on Watercolours and Ink as my preferred traditional mediums of choice. Education wise, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Thanatology and Women’s Studies as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Publishing. When I am not working on my art & stationery business I work as a bookseller.


What kind of paint do you use for your paintings?

I like to use a number of different paints interchangeably when working on a piece but primarily I like to switch between Daniel Smith Watercolours, Ph Martin Hydrus Paints and Windsor Newton.


Where is your stationery line printed?

I am a big supporter of the handmade industry, crafting community and shopping local. I am proud to say all my cards are printed at a small independent print shop in London, Ontario where I am based, as are all other supporting materials sourced from another locally based business.


I saw an image at one of your craft shows but now I can’t find it! Where did it go? Is it still available?

 My art is constantly evolving, so to keep things fresh and new I do occasionally retire certain paintings and illustrations from my collection, especially when it comes to my greeting card line. Sometimes I will archive the image on my Society6 shop and have it available there a little longer but after that, it’s gone for good.


Do you do commissions?

At this time I am not available for personal commissions. My main focus right now is on creating new card designs and attending craft shows.